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Posted on Tue 21 Dec 2021

Inclusive Practice in the Pervasive Media Studio

An update on the work we have been doing to make our Studio more inclusive, the work we are planning to do, and our annual Pervasive Media Studio Community Survey report

Several people playing together in a room, with lemons balanced on sticks

Lemon Jousting - By Jon Aitken

The subtitled video contains all the information below, so you can choose to read or watch/listen to this blog post. 

An inclusive Pervasive Media Studio is one where all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute to the community’s success. 

The Studio reviews the balance of the community once a year, through the information you send us in the Studio Survey. Today we're publishing our annual Studio Resident Community Inclusion Survey Data.

You can read and see a 5 year review from 2016/17 – 2019/2020

The reports outline the data we have found on the demographic makeup, and our approaches to language and data

We take inclusion seriously and recognise that there are still steps on our journey towards providing a fully inclusive environment in our community. We know that we can only expect our community to be work on being more inclusive if we can say we are endeavouring to do the same. Here’s some of what we are already doing, or have done in the last year:


  • Regular publishing and updating of our Inclusion Survey results and the actions we take as a result of your feedback.
  • Transparency on our approaches to language in our Studio reports, and how we research and source our processes.
  • Reporting of Watershed Staff Survey results, including demographic representation.


  • Black Experience Inclusion Training and future planning for all line managers and their teams
  • BSL training for our new Studio Coordinator and Network Producer
  • Planning training around Ableism for all staff based in the Studio


  • A new inclusive recruitment process, which we are working to embed in our future commissions, open calls and job adverts.
  • Our Lunchtime Talks are available online and in person, with the last talk of every month being BSL interpreted
  • A clear and transparent complaints procedure, via Watershed’s Creative Complaints Procedure and our own dedicated procedure for resolving disputes or issues within the Studio Community, launching in 2022
  • Gender Neutral toilets in the Watershed, a gender neutral toilet in the Studio.
  • Baby changing facilities in the Studio.
  • We have a Quiet Space in the studio, which is solely available for access reasons. We will also be trialling a Quiet Desks area.
  • A new anonymous feedback system, launching in 2022


  • We offer paid Midi and Micro Residencies to potential new residents from underrepresented communities in the Studio
  • Commissioned a series of podcasts, looking at the voices and experiences of different sub sections of the Pervasive Media Studio Community. Season 2 has now been commissioned.
  • Offering the Studio Development Fund, with one of the key strategic aims being increasing representation among underrepresented communities in the Studio

Future Thinking

  • Engaging a diverse team in thinking about the future of the Studio, via our Equitable Futures program and our series of Future Themes funded projects, as well as future projects

All Watershed Staff, including the Studio Team, have signed up to Watershed’s own commitments regarding inclusion. The Studio annually reviews its processes, systems and ways of working. We take on board any feedback that comes through our Annual Surveys. We will publish information from these surveys, as well as updates and host sessions around the process for compiling our reports and our approaches to inclusive language. 

We will continue to publish our activities and plans as they evolve. 

Luke & The Studio Team