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The Residents

We’re excited to bring you - The Residents – a series of four podcasts exploring tech, arts, economy and health through the lens of community and creativity, produced by Studio residents Will Taylor and Jo Kimber and supported by the Pervasive Media Studio.

In this series, Studio Resident Will holds the space for Residents from diverse backgrounds based within the Studio – giving listeners a backstage access pass to the Studio and its residents and highlighting the vitality and difference that comes from engaging with a wide range of voices, when looking at contemporary issues. Guests include: Nikesh Shukla - author and screenwriter, Fozia Ismail – social anthropologist and supper-club host, Tom Marshman - local Bristol performance artist and Grace Quantock - wellness provocateur, and healing trailblazer.

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You can also listen to the whole series below:

In episode 1, Will and guests cover everything from lockdown, to the Black Lives Matter movement and most importantly community and hope - themes that play a huge part in the lives of residents of the Pervasive Media Studio community.

Guests: Adibah Iqbal, Fozia Ismail and Nikesh Shukla. 


In episode 2, In our second episode Will and guests bemoan the loss of a good night out, discover a shared love of Kylie and discuss what consent really means in the queer community.

Guests: Alec Stevens, Jasmine Creusson, Rosie Poebright and Tom Marshman. 


In episode 3, Will chats with our younger Residents, covering everything from what it’s like to begin freelance life during a pandemic, to what the future holds. And they are surprisingly pretty optimistic about everything apart from when we ask them how they'd feel about in vitro meat... yep, we went there .

Guests: Owain Astles, Emma Hughes and Jasmine Thompson 


In the last episode of the Residents Will discusses what lockdown has meant for those in our community who identity as disabled. Thought provoking, funny, honest and never pulling any punches, all Will could do was sit back, listen and learn. A fully captioned, visual version of this episode is available via Watershed's YouTube channel.

Guests: Raquel Meseguer, Grace Quantock and Jonny Cotsen.


Artwork by Jasmine Thompson
Original Music by Xavier Velastin

Artwork by Jasmine Thompson

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