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Posted on Tue 8 Mar 2022

Movement, Music, Martial Arts & Acts of Care

A new, short term residency, at the Pervasive Media Studio. Exploring movement, music, martial arts and acts of care

A heavily pixelated image of a person moving in a room

A dancer, dressed all in black, moves around a white brick room. The floor is grey and shiny

Across next week, sound Artist Amble Skuse will be working with Contemporary Dancer Olga Uzikaeva, and Martial Artist Bosko Begovic, to explore themes of conflict, cooperation, and contact. Amble's sound patches will be connected to two pairs of Mimu Gloves, wearable body sensor technology which allow the movers to create sonic worlds through their improvisation. Dramaturg and Writer Toria Banks will be shaping the improvisions into scenes and conversations. As a group they wish to interrogate the many streams of technologiocal innovation encouraging independence, and questioning why we are discouraged from depending on others for support, help and care.

Amble says:

"We're really excited to be in residence at the Pervasive Media studio. It's a hub for connecting with some incredible artists and we can't wait to mee everyone. We hope this will be the beginning of an exciting creative exchange programme betweeen Belgrade Residency and artists from Bristol.

We're also really happy to be in such a creative city, and close to UWE who developed the Mimu gloves. We'd like to thank the Pervasive Media Studio for inviting us and supporting us in developing this work."

This Residency was made possible with funding from the 4 Nations Fund, delivered by Arts Council England and Arts Council Scotland.