So now my concept is in place, for a donation system which uses physical gesture and human-to-human interaction as a method of value exchange, the process is rapidly underway for creating better prototypes and clearer demonstrations to illustrate the different ideas:

For example, the Handshake Agreement gloves (with anti-microbial properties at the nanoscale).

This short film shows the Tap & Pay coin platform with danceable donating in action:

And now I am exploring designs for the Hug & Pay transaction method, where two people are required to hug together in order to make contact between their opposing wearable devices, which in turn transfers funds from giver to receiver:

I started with very quick basic badge-making to see if the thin metal of the badge backs is minimal enough for the RFID tags to still work

(A: yes)

Then with the on-set of Tron at Watershed, I couldn't resist experimenting with some UV paint and black-lighting for a glow-in-the-dark RFID tag embedded brooch: 

And I've been wondering how to incorporate the RFID reader, with all its wiring and technology support systems currently in the intial prototype stages. Perhaps I could use a thick leather for it's rigidity and sturdiness, while it is still a 'natural' tactile material, contrasting with the manufactured machine aesthetic of the technology:

Or perhaps I could embrace the technology, show it and celebrate it with more plastics, (this time with my first use of sugru):

Ready to test out Hug & Pay, using a large sugru badge embedded with RFID tag (left), ready for donating by contact through hugging, via the large wearable RFID reader (right):

Badges reverse:

And all of a sudden, tomorrow is the final showcase... Hope to see you there! Thanks for following these journal posts.