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Posted on Mon 11 Jul 2016

Several weeks on and the delicious horizon ahead

The last of the lemons Extract Coffee Workshop

Image by Artur Tixiliski © Sabrina Shirazi

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Sabrina Shirazi - Image @DeliaSpatareanu

Sabrina Shirazi

Sabrina Shirazi is an artist and designer who produces visual art and textiles inspired by colour, unconventional behaviour and play.


Image by Artur Tixiliski © Sabrina Shirazi

OPUS: Watershed and At-Bristol Food Residency 2016

OPUS is a live performance uniting sound, image and taste by harnessing congruent elements between them. What visuals and taste would resonate with a particular sound?

Hello Hello

This blog is to mark the end of the Food Residency which was the 15th of July.

Since the wonderful showcase happened and wealth of amazing feedback, I have been lucky enough to conduct a workshop for the coffee super tasters of Extract Coffee Roasters. The workshop was a treat the team as well as a fun exercise in exploring descriptive language about flavour. We had a live musician in house and foods to savour. 

The Extract Coffee Workshop:

Testing out the bone conducting gobstoppers

Trying a taste of the harp

Workshop in progress...

Cello feedback #1

- to be served with a wooden spoon

Cello feedback #2

- the image of parquet flooring, waves of music and muslin drapes

Cello feedback #3

A diamond- the idea of excellence


The other day I formally concluded the residency in the At-Bristol Monday morning staff meeting where I took to the stage with the cymbal whilst the room gorges on lemons in time to the music. 

Here is also a great article published by Imperica about the project:

The horizon ahead looks very exciting for OPUS and I look forward to sharing it with you.

My utmost thanks to Watershed, Pervasive Media Studio and At-Bristol.

What a fab residency it's been!

Sabrina x

Image by Artur Tixiliski © Sabrina Shirazi
Project blog by Sabrina Shirazi

Posted on Thu 7 Jul 2016

Play the cymbal