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Posted on Thu 7 Jul 2016

When life gives you lemons

Play the cymbal

Image by Artur Tixiliski © Sabrina Shirazi

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Sabrina Shirazi - Image @DeliaSpatareanu

Sabrina Shirazi

Sabrina Shirazi is an artist and designer who produces visual art and textiles inspired by colour, unconventional behaviour and play.


Image by Artur Tixiliski © Sabrina Shirazi

OPUS: Watershed and At-Bristol Food Residency 2016

OPUS is a live performance uniting sound, image and taste by harnessing congruent elements between them. What visuals and taste would resonate with a particular sound?

Many events and happenings have sped by over the past couple of blurry weeks.

More public workshops with the At-Bristol's team and the Pervasive Media Studio have really helped me to understand the types of food that would marry best with particular sounds. I have since developed the menu for the showcase with Sean Buttress (the OPUS chef), to be savoured whilst audience members listen to a live ensemble of cymbal, cello and harp.

We figured out how to make the peristaltic pump work (with and without CO2).


We made good use of the studio's jugs.


Meanwhile, there was the creation of this bit of fun promotional artwork (guess who the model is). I ate lemons for the cause. It was a lovely detour to delve back into clown paint and props to realise this image which I wanted to capture during the reseach stage of OPUS:


AND this fab film was made about OPUS:

by the brilliant Artur Tixiliski and Lee Burnett 


And then...

Before I knew it...

And then it happened...

The bone conductors were made in the morning and there was a hig-five moment when they worked

And here is a snap shot of the showcase (I was awake)...

Here is the aftermath in the form of what my desk currently looks like (thank you PM Studio for the flowers!)


I'm looking forward to taking stock, organising and growing the potential of this project beyond the residency...

Have a read of the current reviews of the showcase, fresh off the press by:



Image by Artur Tixiliski © Sabrina Shirazi
Project blog by Sabrina Shirazi

Posted on Mon 20 Jun 2016

Over the past two weeks or so I've been working on a few things...

Image by Artur Tixiliski © Sabrina Shirazi
Project blog by Sabrina Shirazi

Posted on Mon 11 Jul 2016

The last of the lemons Extract Coffee Workshop