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Posted on Fri 3 Jun 2016

Transducers and Sugar

Smells at Taste Tech and tech stints with Haylock

Image by Artur Tixiliski © Sabrina Shirazi

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Sabrina Shirazi - Image @DeliaSpatareanu

Sabrina Shirazi

Sabrina Shirazi is an artist and designer who produces visual art and textiles inspired by colour, unconventional behaviour and play.


Image by Artur Tixiliski © Sabrina Shirazi

OPUS: Watershed and At-Bristol Food Residency 2016

OPUS is a live performance uniting sound, image and taste by harnessing congruent elements between them. What visuals and taste would resonate with a particular sound?

Hello, I hope you had a great Bank Holiday weekend.

Since my last post, I have been working with David Haylock to figure out a way of presenting foods to eat on cue. We have thought about using a peristaltic pump that will be programmed to deliver a flavoured liquid at particular points during a live score.

We have also been working on way of feeling the sound your are hearing, whilst eating. This has so far been developed into a bone conducting gobstopper.

(We drilled through a gobstopper...)

Hopefully I will have some made up by next week

We also tried attaching the transducer to a straw which, whilst drinking water, created the feeling of being under water.

Please don't try this at home.

We also went on a visit with At-Bristol to meet Danny Kite at Taste Tech to learn about taste, flavour and smells and how they correlate to one another.

This is what the smell of a strawberry looks like in lab form :)

The chef and I will be making some cymbal inspired sounds over the next week too.

If you happen to be in At-Bristol on Thursday 2nd June or Friday 3rd June between 3.30-5.30, come and take part in our research workshops.

These will also be happening at the Watershed will be promoted nearer the time.

Image by Artur Tixiliski © Sabrina Shirazi
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Image by Artur Tixiliski © Sabrina Shirazi
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