George and Helen are developing a project to be showcased as part of Encounters Film Festival (November 18th-23rd). Excerpt taken from page28 of the Festival Brochure.

'PotentIal connectIons'

'George and Helen are two digital artists from bristol
whose work experiments with narrative formation
and structure. for Encounters 2008 they have created
Potential connections which will be showcased
throughout the festival and encourages networking and
knowledge exchange. Through various data harvesting
techniques, they will tell the unheard stories of the
everyday. Findings are graphically represented as a
generative projection, which will evolve across the
duration of the festival.'


Moving on from the Wishing Well application that we built a few weeks ago, 'Potential Connections' harvests data from the internet and presents it as part of an emersive projection within the festival space. We hope to include the ability to send text messages to the application during the festival, so that it presents the thoughts and stories of the festival attendees. Alongside this technological approach we also aim to create a paper based game which will encourage networking between the delegates.

Posted by HelenB