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Posted on Thu 24 Sep 2020

Why I am excited about The Residents Podcast

Jo Lansdowne the Executive Producer of the Pervasive Media Studio discusses The Residents, a new Podcast focusing on the Studio and its community.

Artwork by Jasmine Thompson

Artwork by Jasmine Thompson

Recently, somebody asked me what I value most about the Pervasive Media Studio, Watershed’s creative technology research and development space.  

In the past few months it has sometimes felt that we are under a spotlight, with our ways of living and working thrown into sharp relief – acutely visible and yet strange to look at. So, it was a well-timed question.  

My answer is that what I value most about the Pervasive Media Studio is the quality of conversation that takes place in our community. Fully engaged, critically aware, honest, challenging, full of kindness and humour. Its richness is a sign of hope.  

As the partners in the Studio, we at Watershed and our colleagues at UWE Bristol and the University of Bristol have been investing in ways to ensure that our community includes people from a wide range of perspectives, backgrounds and lived experiences. As discussed by former Watershed Producer Zahra Ash-Harper here this has included research, a series of ongoing micro-residencies, artistic commissions in the Studio and relationship building beyond it.  

I believe that we are making progress, but changing cultures as well as demographics is complex. Listening well as the conversation evolves is vital.  

In supporting The Residents podcast we hope to share some of the brilliant moments of exchange that take place at the Pervasive Media Studio with a wider audience. I am hugely privileged to participate in many of these, but of course I will always miss most of them.  

As we collectively reflect on the world and dream about change the more important it becomes to pay attention to conversations that happen when you aren’t there. Not only for fear of missing out but because your presence always changes what is said.   

Jo Kimber and Will Taylor are both artists and producers of extraordinary insight and care with a rare ability to put people at ease while steering their thinking towards a place of depth and authenticity. I am so pleased that they are leading this piece of work and that we have the opportunity to be a part of it. Enjoy listening. 

Listen to The Residents here.