Comfort of Strangers at Come out and Play

Posted on Thu 26 Jun 2008

You walk through the busy square, headphones hidden beneath your hood. A voice whispers in your ear, "there's another Lover nearby...;" you steal a look around trying not to be too obvious and you hear the voice again: "...your life is now at level 6..." You must be a lover and…

Comfort of Strangers

Comfort of Strangers in NYC

Posted on Sat 21 Jun 2008

Simon Evans and Simon Johnson took Comfort of Strangers, a street game using wifi and handheld devices

Pervasive Media Studio opens its doors

Posted on Fri 13 Jun 2008

On the last Wednesday of every month the Pervasive Media Studio doors are open to anyone who wants to know more about what we do, and the projects that are happening.