Preparing for the gadget club

Gadget club

Posted on Wed 22 Oct 2008

John Honniball joined Constance and Tarim in the studio today to prepare for gadget club which takes place for the first time on Saturday.

Target art on the chumby store

Playing chumby

Posted on Wed 22 Oct 2008

The studio has fallen in love with our chumby, which now it has been 'discovered' it runs on Linux, holds a whole new appeal. Studio resident Dane Watkins was the first to create a widget for the little screen - Target Art,…

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Potential Connections

Posted on Tue 21 Oct 2008

George and Helen are developing a project to be showcased as part of Encounters Film Festival (November 18th-23rd). Excerpt taken from page28 of the Festival Brochure. 'PotentIal connectIons''George and Helen are two digital…

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Prototype Demo One: Typos and Team bonding

Posted on Mon 20 Oct 2008

The first official PMStudio blog for Happy Pacakges Phase 2. Many many things to discuss (What are we calling it? How best to describe it without giving the secret ingredient away? Who to pitch it to first? etc etc) but I'm…

Dove Walking at the Pervasive Media Studio

Posted on Fri 17 Oct 2008

Last Wednesdays presents Dove Walking, a Big Draw Event  in support of

Memory Maps: Image, Place and Story

Posted on Wed 15 Oct 2008

At the beginning of July 2008 Constance went to Memory Maps: Image, Place and Story at the Faculty of English, University of Cambridge. It was run by the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, who…

Young people's clubs

Posted on Wed 15 Oct 2008

Two ways that 9-13 year olds can get involved with the studio is by coming to the clubs that are currently being developed,

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(re)Making Stories

Posted on Wed 15 Oct 2008

 This week I spent time away from the computer making things with paper and glue (please excuse the picture quality...) Firstly I made a little book, with tissue paper between each white page. I then…

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Notes and ideas

Posted on Mon 6 Oct 2008

 Note books, very useful things especially as a tracking method to record and review trains of thought, George and I both have very nice black note books <!--break--> and we also have our Ideas Scroll, a large roll…

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Playing games

Posted on Tue 30 Sep 2008

A late entry reflecting on the goings on of Igfest. The fact that Igfest was free to all was something we both took great pride in, especially when promoting and communicating the events to members of the public and…