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Posted on Thu 4 May 2017

Taking up Residence

Reflections on my G4A residency at PMS exploring, researching, responding to appropriate technologies that may or may not support my practice

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Aidan Moesby

Conversations fuel Aidans’ practice, which sits at the intersection of Art, Health and increasingly Technology. He is obsessed by weather - the real physical external and the psycho-emotional inner.


Digital and Creativity : A Research based exploration of potential and integration

A year long residency exploring how to integrate digital technologies into my practice - particularly around weather and wellbeing. This will include a lot of stuff around the psycho-emotional language of sites and locations.

Standing on the edge of the water I close my eyes, open them again, close them briefly, open once more, a last look around at how things are, scruch my lids shut, breathe and jump in....

sometimes you just have to jump in, no good walking in slowly - ankles, knees, thighs, higher, deeper and the gradual taking over / going under / immersing / giving yourself over to it slowly

breathe and jump in....

I've jumped into a world I'm not fully conversant with or understand. I've been given the tour and induction and feel welcome enough, more than welcome - some places are terrible hosts - (don't get me started on that one)  - PMS knows how to host. 

With all that said - I don't know the language of the studio - i don't know the language of technology - i'm a digital immigrant not a native and way behind the curve - i don't know the codificiation of the studio, the unwrittten cultural nuances - I'm learning on so many levels. I'm not even that good a swimmer.

I had a residency at the studio last September with  Unfixed with Australian Network for Art and Technology and Unlimited so I have a feel for things. That was the catalyst for applying for my Grants for the Arts - I had looked through the crack in the door and seen a whole new world which I want to explore. Here I am.








User experience








A new Lexicon

I don't know exactly what I want from my year here. I am thinking about my practice where I am and where I might want to be. How can I use technology to support my work and ensure it doesn't become my work? I'm a bit at the unknowable unknowable stage - how can you be interested in something if you aren't even aware it's a 'thing'?

In my first week I had some great conversation with studio holders finding out about their practice and I appreciate the generosity of time, spirit and knowledge. I learnt loads and I'm still processing stuff a week on - though I imagine that is going to be a permanent state for me.

Sitting at desks in an officey desky kind of environment is taking a bit of getting used to.  

My practice is based around conversations, site as research and I make responsive works. A lot of my work is about emotions and I love the weather - I love emotional weather and the language of both. 

I like chopping wood, I like my chainsaw and handcrafted swedish axe - I'm a conflicted backwoodsman who likes being in the city.

I look forward to meeting, chatting, working and immersing myself in the studio over the coming year.

Project blog by Aidan Moesby

Posted on Tue 4 Jul 2017

A brief reflection on the first three visits to PMS and how my residency is developing