For the next year I am engaged in a ACE funded residency at PMS. Having been a therapist it seemed only natural that I would continue to use words and image in my work, although I never went to art school. I am a big fan of letterpress and printing where you can see the hand of the artist in the marks made, where each is unique in its slightly differing own way. However, I have had my head turned by more modern technology.

Having spent 18 months developing Sagacity - the Periodic Table of Emotions at Dundee Contemporary Arts, I went on to study MA Curating - Digital Media and was fortunate to have a residency in Australia with Australian Network for Arts and Technology which brought me to PMS in the summer of 2016. A pivotal experience which made me want to come back and research deeper into art and tech. 

Language is my primary concern: literally in text based pieces, objects as metaphor and the emotional and psychological language of spaces and location.

I will be exploring how to use tech as a support to my work, no doubt further exploring weather, climate change and wellbeing. My current project is Between Stillness and Storm - a collaboration with Tim Shaw - a weather based installation for festivals.