Digital and Creativity : A Research based exploration of potential and integration

Aidan Moesby

A year long residency exploring how to integrate digital technologies into my practice - particularly around weather and wellbeing. This will include a lot of stuff around the psycho-emotional language of sites and locations.

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Aidan Moesby

Conversations fuel Aidans’ practice, which sits at the intersection of Art, Health and increasingly Technology. He is obsessed by weather - the real physical external and the psycho-emotional inner.

I will be visiting the studio at least one week a month for a year - I'm currently based in Newcastle. This is a semi structured/supported residency building on my experience of participating in 'Unfixed' at the Studio in September 2016. 

I will be engaged in self directive research but also engaging in critical discourse with Rachael, Vic and David and relying on their expertise to guide me through the digital maze, pointing me in various directions - though hopefully not all at once.

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