You Can Be My Wingman is back for 2022! YCBMW is a week-long, hosted retreat for artists, produced by Action Hero, supported by Dartington Trust, and with mentoring from German artist Britt Hatzius. YCBMW will bring together mid-career performance makers to explore new collaborative processes in a supported, friendly, and restful environment. The retreat will run 12-18 Feb, 2022.

The retreat is aimed at facilitating new collaborations between artists who may know each others’ work and practice, but who have never worked together before. It’s for artists who have always wanted to work together but have never found the time. The week is hosted by Action Hero, with mentoring from an established international artist. In 2022, the artist is Britt Hatzius.

Artists are invited to apply together to spend a week exploring an area of mutual interest; a point of crossover in their respective practices, a desire to work together on a shared process, or even just a conversation they both want to have. The focus of the retreat is simply to explore new territories in a self-led and non-pressurized way, with no prescribed outcome. Think of it like a ‘spa week’ for your practice.

View the full call out for details of how to apply attached. An audio version is here.

The deadline for applications is 5pm, Monday 13th December 2021.


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