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Posted on Tue 27 Jun 2017

Light Choreographies at The Level Centre

Robots that map and choreograph patterns of human activity using light. LEVEL has invited artist Angela Davies to explore the relationship between contemporary art and personal wellbeing

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Angela Davies

Angela is an interdisciplinary artist who employs traditional processes with creative technologies to create responsive lighting, sculpture and installation art.


Light Choreographies

Light Choreographies is a light navigating sculpture that maps and choreographs patterns of human activity through combining robotics with optics and interactivity

'Angela will be in residence at the LEVEL Centre from 10-14th July investigating new creative possibilities of interactive art. This will include an immersive exhibition exploring how dialogues between individuals and robots can develop and offer an insight into the relationship between contemporary art and personal wellbeing. The exhibition, split across two spaces, will also feature amplified ambient sound and specially developed audio. As part of the exhibition live research will be conducted as to the physical effects of the artwork upon the participants.'

Project blog by Angela Davies

Posted on Mon 20 Mar 2017

Light Choreographies performance at Theatr Mwldan - an immersive exploration of gesture, scale, rhythm and movement.