Light Choreographies explores the dialogue between human and technology through an interactive robotic light projecting sculpture. The work combines robotics with optics and interactivity. The optical phenomena known as caustic imaging harmonises with technological systems to form an immersive choreography of light.  The light-navigating robot rhythmically rotates, spiraling up towards the fragile glass 'world'. The cyclical dance of light and projection is extended through the use of the remote sphere. A dialogue between human and robot is formed. The movement of the sensor communicates to the light and the robot maps and choreographs patterns of human activity, magnifying and animating, revealing visual patterns reminiscent of macroscopic and microscopic worlds.

The project has been developed with support from the Technology Strategy Board at Innovate UK and Arts Council of Wales.

The aim is to develop a technological modular system: integrating photonics, robotics and interactivit, to consider different applications within the realms of public art, architecture and healthcare. The development and exploitation of technologies enabled through access to facilities and resources at Pervasive Media Studio, Pontio Innovation and Studio MADE.

During the project I will explore methods of interaction and ways of visualising data. This will be instigated by exploration of the RAMdance Toolkit: a visualisation toolkit for dancers, and positional sensors to map movement to light. 

The resulting explorations will be presented through a performance at Theatr Mwldan and a public exhibition at Pontio, Bangor, the LEVEL Centre, Derbyshire.

The technologies employed within the Light Choreographies have been realised through the support of Innovate UK Technology Strategy Board. The performance and exhibition have been kindly supported by Arts Council Wales.

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