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Angela Davies

Angela Davies

Angela is an interdisciplinary artist who employs traditional processes with creative technologies to create responsive lighting, sculpture and installation art.


Light Choreographies

Light Choreographies is a light navigating sculpture that maps and choreographs patterns of human activity through combining robotics with optics and interactivity

Worked on

Tomorrow's World

Awarded Creative Wales Award 2017/2018 by Arts Council of Wales

Birds on the Move

Creative Practitioner in Residence at Bangor University (ESRC)


Responsive Audio-Visual Light Installation created in response to a residency at S12 Glass workshop and Gallery in Norway.

Light Choreographies (Arts & Health)

“I really enjoyed being in here because it was calming and relaxing. It reminded me of the ocean, the moon and the earth orbiting the sun....It was AMAZING!” Maya, 9

Angela is an interdisciplinary artist who works both independently and collaboratively, working across sculpture, installation and performance. Angela engages with contemporary themes within the context of site, space and process. The works interaction allows for intimate experiences that encourage altered perceptions between inner and outer space. This extends to reflections upon the way the environment is experienced and imagined. The implementation of interactive technologies translates the idea of communication and connectivity. 

Angela has exhibited and curated on a national and international level and has work within public and private collections. She has undertaken a number of residencies and has been the recipient of several awards including the A-N New Collaborations Bursary to fund participation in the International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA14). Angela has recently established a cross disciplinary studio and gallery space: Studio MADE in North Wales and has participated in the BBC Connected Studios with NESTA and Arts Council Wales.

Angela joins the studio to explore Light Choreographies: an interactive robotic light sculpture, informed by the creation of SpyGlass - developed during the Arts + Technology programme at Manchester Digital Laboratory (MadLab), and a period of research at OpTiC: Optro-Electronics Technology Centre (the centre responsible for creating the largest lens for the pan-STARRS project). During her residency, Angela will explore scale and interactivity to illuminate environments which will rotate and perform synchronised choreographies in response to public interaction.

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