This is the plan - to make a poetic fortune teller machine and this plan will keep me focussed here. But I have also come to realise that this idea is a fantastic and life disrupting opportunity. I hope that by the end of this residency I am a different artist. Because really this idea is a passport to explore the insights and experience: of creative technology and the wonders of open source, of Pervasive Media Studio and the personalities that make up the studio, of collaboration through the internet, constant questioning and open office etiquette, and of myself. 


I've deep dived into The Most Complete Starter Kit Mega ProjectAn image of a box saying 'The most Complete Starter Kit Mega Project'

and I can't help but make a metaphor out of it. Brace yourself we’re going cheesy..

What are the programs I need to download into myself? What are the libraries all around me I can scroll through and upload? What's the code that makes my metaphorical light blink on and off or fade from one colour to another? When was the last time I focused on the detail of my operations or put resistors in place to hold the power of the other roles I play at bay?


I am into this. As a poet, as a maker and as a person. 

I hope that I can retain all this information. That I put it to good use. That I build on some of the qualities of the thing I am beginning to build; attention, connection and good fortune.