For the past 15 years Deanna Rodger has written, performed and facilitated poetry across

the globe. Whilst doing this Deanna has cultivated a desire to be a maker. To make things

that the world can interact with which inspire joy and intrigue and new thoughts. Through

their Winter Residency, Deanna would like to actualise an idea and reposition their practice

as an artist whose works stems from poetry becoming tangible objects for people to interact

and reflect with.

Deanna would like to explore the creation of a Poetic Fortune Telling machine. An

installation that will challenge participants to think differently about themselves in this

world. How their bodies move through it, what they choose to stop at and pay attention to

and how they carry that forward into their lives and the lives of others. Because of life’s

humdrum and the pressures of trying to make ends meet, Deanna feels that people stop

imagining themselves as anything other than what they have become. They have forgotten

about the magic that carried them to this moment and how to steer and carve out another

destiny. The theme of who builds the world and how that affects how we live and feel and

become, runs through much of Deanna’s poetry. This is a chance to make an installation of

those words.

Studio themes