Through live performing

Since 2020, I’ve started to play analogue instruments in my live performances. Through this experience, my playing technique has improved but also I have discovered: the sound of the synthesiser changes depending on my psychological situation. 

Every artwork show the individuality of artists. And I see it as a mirror of the creator's own feelings and thoughts. Then, please imagine about the personalities of sound mediums: A sound that is based on a RELEASE that evokes the majesty of nature, an intense and tense sound that is completed in a short DECAY, or a funny sound made by LFO. It is possible to create such a variety of sounds from a single synthesizer. Of course, we can create the sound what you like. However, I found that when generating sounds momentaly during the performance, my state of mind is deeply connected. I found myself on an emotional journey, and sketched it's process in sound. Now I became fascinated by this transformation of sound, which is deeply connected to the inner life of the performer.

I wanted to share this experience with others and mention the dialogue between sounds and performers. This will lead me to see what kind of space can be formed from the ideas.

What I have noticed in the last four installation: the character of communities and the direction of society 

Through experiences of creating installations, I have noticed that the atmosphere of the exhibition space changes depending on the flow of people who visit. I particularly realised this in 'Calm light, Swimming form' which is the first work I directed in Tokyo 2020.

It was the exhibition of sound, light, object and scent works by four artists in a small venue made of concrete. Although the location and the artworks did not change, but I well remember how the exhibition space changed the scenery quickly, depending on the temperature of the day, the number of visitors, the content of their conversations or the atmosphere of people. The way in which the space is formed by the dialogue between the artwork and the viewers seems to be the basis for determining the character of communities and the direction of society. This could be described as an initial impulse in my installations. I remember I’ve wished strongly to continue experimenting with the construction of such spaces.

Focusing on sound

Due to the lack of visual and verbal information, sound is a more ambiguous medium than others. However, I feel it is similar to the human mind. Analogue synthesisers are very simple pieces of equipment, and their ability to generate a variety of sounds from a single electrical circuit gives them a freedom that allows one person to be anything they want to be. This can be seen as an advantage due to the lack of information that asks for concreteness. 

In the recent society, the act of creating space in people's minds is also very important, and concentrating on sound has the effect of isolating themselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; to let themselves think of things more carefully. This meditative effect is also a point that can be pursued only with sound works.


Sound represents the psychological state of the person generating it, and the space itself can be a 'window(mado)' into the mind of the person. With my philosophy, the sound installation will be created using analogue instruments, MaxMSP, Ableton LIVE and the App of iPad. The project explores ways to enrich the interaction between sound, space and people through sounds reflect individual psychological states.