The sound installation 'mado' is a project funded by Studio Development Fund 2023. Through this sound installation using analogue instruments, I explored the dialogue that occurs between the piece and people, and the transformations within the space that are formed from the result of dialogues.

The system was developed by using MaxMSP and iPad. Everyone can easily operate the semi-modular synthesiser and analogue sequencer, which generate a variety of sounds from a single electrical signal. This has enabled an extension of the functionality of the analogue equipment and new ways of playing them by using technology. This has resulted in the formation of a means of communication between the artwork and people, where the visitors can influence the installation by themselves, rather than just a sound-generating work. The sounds played in the venue Dareshack are designed by the players, and the space seems to change its landscape according to the sound atmosphere. Also the installation represents the psychological state of the person who generates the sound, and the space can be a 'window' into the mind of the person - these experimental ideas were incorporated into the concept of the four-day exhibition.

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