The development process of 'mado' involved a number of technical challenges. In particular, there was trial and error regarding how to use MaxMSP to control the music and facilitate interaction with the visitors. In exploring new approaches, such as experimenting with music generation by combining the capabilities of analogue equipments and digital technology, I discovered many limitations in realising my ideas as I had imagined them, but had to work around them with creative ideas.

After the exhibition, I received reactions and feedback from visitors. Some of them mentioned the rarity of installation work in Bristol, the importance of time spent experiencing music in a meditative space, and the interest of the exhibition which has an interaction between the instruments and the visitors. It was confirmed that the experiences offered by 'mado' functioned as a space for sharing individual feelings and thoughts. It was also very meaningful as an opportunity for me to share the idea that music is important in today's information-overloaded and overstimulated society, bringing tranquillity and spreading peace of mind.

As a challenge for the future, I believe that organising installations requires more insight into the way people experience them. Basically, installations have a strongly ingrained image of being expensive due to their unrealistic impact and large scale artwork form. This is not a sustainable approach. Also it makes sense to provide a deep experience which the visitors can remember  for a long time, then it has a lasting impact, rather than just being a momentary impression. I think these impressions are the ways to be able to trigger people to take action. This should be an important process for society and community building.

Also, as the possibilities for new musical expression expand with the development of technology, we must not forget to promote the fusion of traditional analogue equipment. This will create a new musical language that links the past with the future.

Spaces designed by sound installations need to go beyond mere art and be the important ways of facilitating social dialogue and cultural creation. I hope that music will create richer social experiences by connecting people, sharing emotions and offering new perspectives.