Undershed artwork

Heart of Lightness by Lucy Turner. Photo by Jon Aitken

We've got a new Box Office ticketing system

Posted on Fri 2 Feb

We've now switched over to our new ticketing system, thank you for your patience!

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Exterior shot of Watershed entrance with colourful vinyls of smiling people.
Fri 1 Dec 2023

Report of Watershed's Board of Trustees - Year ended 31 March 2023.

Watershed Cinema Podcast February 2024
Length: 56m 56s

That's the power of cinema! In this episode Cinema Steph and Stef from Comms discuss The Iron Claw, Pirates 4D and the gays upon the heath.

Image credit: The Strangers at Honja Factory by Do One Im and Eunju Hitchcock-Yoo, photo by Jon Aitken, Seoul 2017. These pieces were supported by Watershed's Playable City Seoul project.
Posted on Wed 31 Jan

Over 200 artists from across the UK will be commissioned to explore the possibilities of immersive technology through this new research & development programme, focusing on skills and the creative potential of the art form.

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Introducing our Winter Residency Artists 2024

Posted on Tue 23 Jan

Following an open call for our Winter Residencies programme we’re excited to introduce our two recipient artists. Responding to the theme of Other Minds their work will harness...

Watershed Flushed with Success at the Loo of the Year Awards

Posted on Fri 19 Jan

Watershed picked up a major honour at the 2023 Loo of the Year Awards, winning the National Award for England in the Individual Business Category at a ceremony in Birmingham yesterday.

Top 10 Cinema Sellers of 2023

Posted on Mon 8 Jan

Our technicolor Christmas tree has been taken down and our festive cocktails have been retired for another year: 2023 went out with a bang and 2024 is well under way.

  Watershed Cinema Podcast January 2024

Posted on Thu 28 Dec 2023

In this episode Cinema Steph and Stef from Comms are joined by Bristol-based film critic Nathan Hardie to talk highlights of the New Year.

  Cinema Podcast December 2023

Posted on Mon 4 Dec 2023

In this episode Stef and Steph are joined by Cinema Curator Mark Cosgrove to discuss their top for (or five) films of 2023.

Grounding technologies


Grounding Technologies was a pilot project exploring how creative technology can be used to support climate action.

 Watershed Cinema Curator Mark Cosgrove, reflects on the changing nature of film exhibition 

Posted on Thu 30 Nov 2023 by Mark Cosgrove

On the day that one of the commercial cinema spaces in the city is sadly closing, Mark Cosgrove, Watershed Cinema Curator reflects on the changing cinema exhibition landscape...

  Watershed CEO's Response to Bristol City Council’s Openness funding proposal 

Posted on Tue 28 Nov 2023 by Clare Reddington

Clare Reddington, Watershed CEO, reflects on the proposal and shares the many ways we deliver on the city's mission

Watershed crafts its very own stout in partnership with New Bristol Brewery.

Posted on Fri 17 Nov 2023

New stout based on the Watershed favourite Espresso Brownie. Available now for a limited time only.

  Watershed Cinema Podcast November 2023

Posted on Thu 26 Oct 2023

In this episode Stef from Comms and Cinema Steph talk about vocal fry, an exciting Q&A with Joanna Hogg and trying to record a podcast despite a helicopter flying overhead!

Announcing two MyWorld Fashion Fellowships in Residence

Posted on Thu 26 Oct 2023

We are delighted to announce two Fellowships in Residence, as part of MyWorld, with Bath Spa University and Fashion Museum Bath.