Inclusion at Watershed

Photo of a group of 20 people standing in front of a Watershed sign at the back of the Watershed building

Inclusion at Watershed

We have a Creative Case for Diversity rating of Strong by Arts Council England and have focused time and resources over the last few years developing inclusive programming and facilities.

However, we have not met our own targets to develop the diversity of our teams and have used 2020 to re-set our inclusion work. 

We aim to deliver and embed change and keep our promises, to build back up our organisation with intersectional inclusion at its heart. We promise to keep doing the work and sharing our progress, knowing that real change takes serious commitment. We will continue to work things out and know that we will get a few things wrong.

We welcome all feedback, ideas and challenges.

Watershed strives to be inclusive, it is one of our key organisational values and is understood as both a social responsibility and a creative imperative.

Inclusion activity

Crowds of people watching a light show.
Posted on Tue 7 Dec 2021 by Jazlyn Pinckney
Former Watershed Inclusion Producer*, Jazlyn Pinckney reflects on the importance of creating shared principles when working collaboratively on data led inclusion.
multi coloured heart
Posted on Tue 7 Dec 2021 by Layla Barron
Layla Barron, Watershed's Head of Data and Operations talks about the move from diversity and demographics to balanced teams.
Illustration of people on a see saw to represent balance and a heart to represent belonging
A report containing the visualised data of Watershed Staff and Board 2020-21, with some information on our approach to collecting and analysing it.
An illustration of Ahmaud Arbery
Posted on Fri 18 June 2021
It is a year since Watershed stood in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and committed to the work we need to do. Clare Reddington, Watershed CEO, shares an update.
image of heart in watershed colours
Posted on Wed 10 March 2021
We are delighted to announce the appointment of Aisha Thomas and Katie Donovan-Adekanmbi as our Inclusion Associates who will be joining Watershed for a fixed term consultancy from March – June.
Photo of a woman standing and chatting to two other people
Posted on Thu 17 Dec 2020 by Tony Bhajam
Practical steps for making recruitment more inclusive, through more accessible and human experiences.
 Illustration by Stacey Olika for The Fight for Data Rights, an article highlighting actions we can take as a community to impro
Posted on Fri 20 Nov 2020
Launching today, Container puts the spotlight on the people and processes behind creative tech, and provides a platform for voices outside the mainstream.
Posted on Thu 1 Oct 2020
Watershed has received funding to build on and amplify the creativity and compassion seen in communities and across society during the COVID-19 pandemic through stories, narratives and public imagination projects.
Exterior of Watershed building
Posted on Wed 30 Sept 2020 by Clare Reddington
Clare Reddington, CEO of Watershed reflects on the work we have been doing to realise our Black Lives Matter commitments.
Photo of four young people, dressed up and celebrating
By producing authentic, welcoming spaces and engaged programmes, we strive to reflect, include and champion audiences, artists and staff from all backgrounds.
One of Jasmine Thompson's murals at the Pervasive Media Studio
Posted on Mon 16 Oct 2017 by Zahra Ash-Harper
Zahra Ash-Harper, Watershed Producer, reflects on her year at Watershed working on inclusion and the practical steps we are making, plus asks wider questions about Black History Month and the role of cultural organisations during this time...