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We need your support to ensure that young people have their voices heard

Rife is Watershed’s youth-led online magazine.

A magazine and a professional development programme, since 2014 it has been genuinely changing lives by nurturing young talent from diverse backgrounds, connecting them to opportunities and careers they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. 

Your support will ensure that this important work continues and that young people have their voices heard.

“Rife isn’t just a job, it’s a community brimming with opportunity and positivity”

Mikael Techane, Rife Content Creator 2018

Here's just a tiny taster of some of the amazing work and voices from Rife from the past five years.

Yero Timi-Bui
“Rife helped me find my voice. I felt valid, and began to understand that what I had to say was important.”

Yero Timi Biu, Rife Content Creator 2015

Euella Jackson
“It’s so hard to get a foot in the door. Now, I’m armed with a network and the skills to progress in my career.”

Euella Jackson, Rife Content Creator 2017

Rife’s impact

30 content

Rife has paid and trained over 30 content creators who all now work in the creative industries, where they offer fresh ideas that are creating change

8,000 young people

We’ve reached over 8,000 young people through workshops and events that have been created in partnership with schools and youth organisations and run by Rife peer mentors

43 students

In the last two years, we’ve hosted 43 work experience students from 19 different schools across Bristol at Rife’s HQ, Watershed

660,000 visitors to Rife magazine online in the last 5 years, viewing 1.13 million pages

Asmaa holding a copy of the Rife book

Buy the Rife book

Rife has just published their first book! Rife: Twenty-One Stories from Britain’s Youth, edited by Nikesh Shukla and Sammy Jones, is a book of essays by young people packed with their viewpoints on gentrification, dating, politics, and loads more.

By buying the book from Watershed you are directly supporting Rife’s work - buy at Box Office or online now.

Buy the book

Why we need your help


Support the next generation

It is becoming increasingly difficult to secure funding in the arts and cultural sector in the current economic climate. With your support we can continue to help a hugely diverse range of young people from Bristol. We want to hear what they have to say, give them a platform, develop their skills, provide opportunities, and amplify their ideas and stories. We want to create real social change.

Be part of the Watershed and Rife story, make an extraordinary difference to the lives and the futures of young people and donate today.

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