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Craft + Technology Residencies

A three month Watershed residency programme, delivered in collaboration with the Crafts Council, enabling makers to combine contemporary craft with new technologies.

Jan - Mar 2013

A Music Memory Box for people with dementia, a flying lampshade that responds to your presence, and a hug-and-pay alternative to currency: these are all part of Watershed's three month craft + technology residencies...

Craft has always played an important role in society and culture, taking forms that can be challenging, beautiful, useful, tactile and extraordinary. But what could happen if there were more opportunities for contemporary makers to work with technologists? To explore this opportunity, Watershed created this new programme of craft and technology residencies to give three makers the chance to find out.

In this collection you'll find videos about the three makers – Heidi Hinder, Chloe Meineck and Patrick Laing - who were Watershed's first craft and technology residents. They spent three months working with technologists at the Pervasive Media Studio, i-DAT in Plymouth and autonomatic in Falmouth during the residencies to explore how new technologies embedded in objects (also known as The Internet of Things) can enable remarkable interactions between people and objects.

The Residencies are supported by the Crafts Council and funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.