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Electric December

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Electric December is a European-wide celebration and exchange of young peoples' filmmaking potential that takes the form of Watershed's online advent calendar, and has evolved from its beginnings in 1999 as a creative showcase of Bristol's media talent. Take your pick from thirteen years of digital delights.

Dec 1999 - Jan 2012

Watershed has been producing Electric December, its annual online countdown calendar, aimed at filmmakers aged 21 and under, since 1999. Back then broadband was still in its infancy but Watershed recognised that the web had huge potential to be harnessed as a creative medium. Electric December was born and hasn’t looked back since.

It works just like a traditional countdown calendar – every day in the run-up to Christmas you open a virtual window, and behind it you discover a digital delight. Electric December started life as a festive pick 'n' mix, incorporating games, animations, films, and more. Now, the calendar focuses exclusively on films, showcasing drama, comedy, documentary, animation, experimental filmmaking, and just about everything else in-between!

Visitors to electricdecember.org aren’t the only people who have enjoyed this creative energy. Over the years Electric December has brokered many partnerships between digital artists and filmmakers with schools and community groups to produce the virtual gifts.

These partnerships have honed the skills of countless professionals and fostered an interest in the wonders of the web for the hundreds of people who have been involved in the making of Electric December. Connections have been made in both the real and the virtual worlds.

In 2008, its tenth year, Electric December showcased content from across Europe for the first time ever. Young people from Spain, Germany, Poland, France, the Netherlands, Lithuania and other regions of the UK made the 24 virtual treats.

Electric December has gone from being a showcase of talent from Bristol and the South West to a truly European celebration and exchange of young peoples’ ideas and filmmaking potential. 

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