celluloid man

Celluloid Man

classified PG S

India on Film


Please note: This was screened in July 2017

Shivendra Singh Dungarpur
Saira Banu, Jahnu Barua, Shyam Benegal
174 mins, Subtitled, 2012, India

Celluloid Man is a tribute to film archivist and obsessive cinephile P.K. Nair, a man whose childhood fascination with cinema finally led to the creation of the National Film Archive of India.

In a country where film preservation was once regarded as irrelevant, Nair's has been a long, hard fight to preserve precious fragments of India's film heritage that would otherwise be lost forever. Comparable to France's late, great 'man of cinema', the noted film archivist Henri Langlois, Nair has also influenced generations of Indian filmmakers by introducing them to new worlds through the prism of cinema and was central to the evolution of Bollywood as we know it today.

Featuring wonderful clips and interviews with many Indian and international filmmakers, this award-winning documentary is both a portrait of a man's passion with film and a love letter to cinema itself.

With thanks to Second Run DVD.

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