Villa Touma + Discussion

Villa Touma + Director's Q&A

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Bristol Palestine Film Festival Presents...


Please note: This was screened in March 2015

Suha Arraf
Nisreen Faour, Ula Tabari, Cherien Dabis
85 mins, 2014

"When the outside world is not worth facing, locking yourself in is the easiest option"

Three Palestinian Christian sisters who’ve lost their land and status due to the 1967 war with Israel aren’t able to face the painful new reality that’s been imposed on them, so they lock themselves away in their big house and continue to live in a time warp. Within the villa’s crumbling walls, the sisters live in their own personal bubbles, each with her own secrets, dreams and failed love story, hidden behind a mask of manners and propriety.

When their young niece, Badia, walks into their lives, she challenges their stifling routine and turns their world upside down, obliterating the deadly silence they lived in.

Followed by a discussion with writer and director Suha Arraf. Read an interview with Suha, who discusses the pleasures of being a director as opposed to a screenwriter and the challenges of being a Palestinian living in Israel. Suha will also take part in a Twitter Chat on Fri 13 March from 14:00 - 15:00 - if you have any questions, comments or thoughts just join in by using #convocinema.

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