Newspapers still in the Café/Bar from the day we closed

Newspapers still in the Café/Bar from the day we closed

A summary of our audience survey

Posted on Fri 12 June 2020

A huge thank you to everyone who fed back to us

“I miss Watershed so much my heart hurts.”

A big thank you to everyone who completed our audience survey a few weeks ago. It's been really helpful when planning for our re-opening (which, if you haven't seen our previous messages, we don't anticipate happening before September). It's been so useful to know how you're feeling personally, and about returning to Watershed. We wanted to give you a small summary of what we heard.

There were many requests to publish the measures we will put in place before re-opening (don't worry, we absolutely will). A lot of you were concerned about our staff, and want reassurance that they are happy being at work, and not put at risk (we feel the same way).

“It’s not confidence in the Watershed. It’s confidence in other people. Even on walks in the park people can’t socially distance! So I’m nervous about being in a closed space”

We were pleased to hear there is a large amount of trust and confidence in Watershed as an organisation - most concerns were about external factors, such as the behaviour of other people, public transport, and a lack of faith in Government-issued guidelines.

“You've always put your customers first and in this situation is no different. Once you are reopened I would feel confident that you have taken every step you can to do so safely. On top of that, I know you would be willing to listen to any concerns raised after reopening and adjust things if needed.”

There is a worry that any changes we put in place might change what makes Watershed special... that the changes will be a total vibe killer. We hear you. We'll try our best to make sure you still get that Watershed atmosphere when you visit us.

“I am worried whether it will still feel fun and comfortable or stressful and sad”

Above all, what we got back was a lot of love. This might be the first time we have cried writing up survey results, ha! We promise we will continue to keep you up to date with all our planning and thoughts - and when we re-open that won't stop either. This is new territory for everyone and we all have to continue learning and adapting.

“Bristol without Watershed would be empty for me.”

Thank you once again, you're the best - we mean it.

All donations we receive during this time will help us to re-open as soon as it is safe to do so.