Announcing our new Artists in Residence

Posted on Wed 13 Aug 2014
The Run To Draw Team: Peter, Amelia and their drawing device Pheidippides © Pete

We are thrilled to announce our new Artists in Residence. Our Studio Artists Residency has been awarded to Run To Draw, a collaboration between illustrator Amelia Johnstone and product designer Peter Hathaway. We have also awarded a Micro-residency to performance artist Tom Marshman.

Peter and Amelia run and draw simultaneously to explore how imagination and ideas are invigorated through exercise and adventure. They’ve made a unique scrolling sketchbook drawing device called “Pheidippides” (named after the message-carrying marathon runner of Greek mythology). The device acts as a mobile studio which Peter carries on his back. Amelia draws on his backpack whilst they run together, capturing memories and colourful images inspired by communities and the surrounding environment.

See how they do it by watching a short film about Run To Draw here:

Run To Draw Overview - June 2014 from Pedro Pollo on Vimeo.

Peter and Amelia believe that running charges the subconscious mind, enabling people to draw from the unconscious and seize upon fleeting marvels of ideas. Now they are wondering if creative technologies could expand this experience further, creating new interactions between themselves and others, and plan to use this residency to find out.

Peter and Amelia say:

“Watershed's Studio Artist Residency has come at the perfect moment for us as we are eager to explore how creative technology can enable 'Pheidippides' to serve, communicate and perform in ever more extraordinary and meaningful ways. We're so excited about joining the Pervasive Media Studio and re-imagining Run To Draw within the studio community. We aim to courageously take the project apart, discover new opportunities and redevelop it from the ground up. We look forward to working intensively and playfully to develop Run To Draw alongside brilliant and creative people!”

We have also awarded a Micro-residency to performance artist Tom Marshman. Tom will spend a couple of weeks with us at the Studio developing Move Over Darling, a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) history project. Since 2010, Tom has worked with local communities to collect older LGBT people’s stories, from which he has created a moving performance walk.

The work is rich with memories - sordid, heartbreaking, triumph over adversity, and politically charged - that are often linked to specific Bristol locations. Tom will use his time to research ways in which the memories can be shared using digital technologies, and to see if he can create a new kind of live performance that directly links to location. Both residencies will run between September and November 2014. During this time, the artists will openly share their progress and become part of the community at Pervasive Media Studio.

Join us to kick off the Studio Artists Residency with a Lunchtime Talk at the Pervasive Media Studio on Fri 12 Sept at 13:00. For this talk, Run To Draw will introduce their work so far and share their plans for the residency. Lunchtime talks are free and there’s no need to book in advance. You’re also welcome to then stick around for the afternoon, as part of Open Studio Friday.