Bristol filmmaker returns to Watershed with Tea & Sangria

Posted on Thu 9 Apr 2015
Peter shooting Tea & Sangria with his crew

We are delighted to welcome ex-Bristol filmmaker Peter Domankiewicz back to Watershed with his new feature Tea & Sangria on Tue 28 April. Multi-talented Peter is writer, director and lead actor in his Madrid-set love story and he will join us in person for a Q&A after its one-off screening.

It's been quite a journey for Peter. He started making films right here at Watershed after joining one of the filmmaking courses we used to run. He's also had encounters with our Cinema Curator Mark Cosgrove along the way. 

Peter explains why he's a Bristol filmmaker and how returning here is the sweetest of homecomings: 

"Bristol, and particularly Watershed, were part of my filmmaking history from Day One. That was the day I took myself down to an old building in Jamaica Street, climbed the stairs to the dingy door marked “Bristol Film Workshop’ and nervously knocked. I had come to rent a top quality Super 8 camera for the king’s ransom of £2 a day in order to shoot my very first piece of film. I was seen by a friendly film fanatic by the name of Richard Kwietniowski, who made several features and who was instrumental in encouraging me."

"Some of these early films, hand spliced then often re-filmed onto video, found their way to the Experimental Film Festival at the Manchester Cornerhouse, curated – if I am not mistaken – by a certain Mark Cosgrove. I grew my skills on a series of short courses at Watershed and on a one-week intensive had my first taste of being the director of a crew."

"The last short I made before moving to Spain for seven years was also screened at Encounters Festival so I’m very pleased to be back over a decade later. I ran into Mark two years ago at a reception in the British Embassy during Berlin Film Festival after he had seen an early cut of the film. He made it clear to me that he wouldn’t screen my film for old time’s sake – he’d screen it if I could prove it really worked with an audience. So, after the tremendous reception it got at its festival premiere in France last year, I took it back to him and he immediately agreed to show it. I’m glad he screened it on merit and not because he had had a hand in almost every stage of my development as a filmmaker.

"But I’m also extremely glad to bring it to one of my favourite cinemas and favourite places in the land – and I’m glad Mark is part of it. It is the sweetest of homecomings."

Join us to welcome Peter home on Tue 28 April. Tickets for Tea & Sangria are available now, or come to the special Spanish-themed After Party in the Cafe/Bar, with Spanish dishes and live music. The party is free and all are welcome!