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Condense move into Watershed

Posted on Wed 27 July

We are delighted to welcome Condense to Watershed; the world’s first studio for streaming live events into the metaverse will be based downstairs in our building on the harbourside from this week.

Founded in Bristol in 2019, Condense capture and stream live, real-world events like music and sports into 3D worlds, without the need for green screens, post-production or VR headsets.

Condense have recently raised $4.5 million of investment from investors including LocalGlobe, 7percent Ventures and Deeptech Labs and angels including Tom Blomfield, Grace Ladoja MBE and Ian Hogarth. The funding will be used to accelerate commercial relationships with artists, labels, content creators and metaverse platforms.

They have a scholarship program in partnership with Local Globe and Access Creative and partnered with Shangri-La this year at Glastonbury to stream festival goers into the metaverse.

Condense Reality’s CEO and co-founder Nick Fellingham said:

"The Bristol scene has long been a world-renowned melting pot of different cultures and music and, in the last few years, it’s become a hub for games development too. Now we’re going to put Bristol on the map once again with the world’s first metaverse recording studio to bring together the energy of live events with the massive scale of the metaverse. Video 3.0 is going to change not just how we experience live events, but fundamentally how we engage with each other. The infrastructure we’ve built takes out the technical complexity of streaming live into the metaverse, so people are free to put their creativity in."

Watershed CEO Clare Reddington said:

"We are unbelievably excited to welcome Condense into our building and community. Their cutting-edge platform is offering the creatives of Bristol a world-first and we are so excited to start collaborating on events and projects. It is especially lovely that Condense was co-founded by Andy Littledale, a previous resident of Pervasive Media Studio, who co-founded and sold Second Sync.”

Read more about Condense at

Watershed would like to thank Bristol and Bath Creative R&D who have supported The Workshop space over the past three years. Their investment enabled us to host Limina’s Virtual Reality Theatre – the UK’s first VR theatre and exhibit many experimental works for public audiences including Duncan Speakman Only Expansion, Squidsoup’s Curve, Katy Connor’s Hydro-Poetics, Rik Lander’s Echoborg, and Jasmine Creusson’s immersive Queer Dinners. The space also hosted events for young people and workshop space for new collaborative R&D. We are delighted that their investment will now be leveraged into this exciting world-first in the region.