Introducing 2015 Studio Artist in Residence: Ashley James Brown

Posted on Fri 22 May 2015

Following the open call for Watershed's Pervasive Media Studio Artist's Residencies programme we are excited to announce that Ashley James Brown, creative coder, technologist, sound artist and electronic musician will be with us in July and August as our Studio Artist in Residence. 

Pervasive Media Studio Producer, Verity McIntosh says:

“We loved the way that Ashley’s practice is centred around the experiences he is creating for people; from Luna Interactive, an interactive stress ball that produces generative motion graphics on hospital ceilings, helping children in difficult clinical conditions, to the playful app Trails of the Unexpected, developed with Talking Birds, which invites you to explore Coventry’s hidden rivers.

As a well respected and much sought after creative technologist, much of Ashley’s work thus far has been in collaboration with other artists, often helping them to realise their own creative intentions ahead of his own. In this residency, we welcome the opportunity to appreciate and explore the role of creative technologist as lead artist, and are delighted to be able to give Ashley the time, space and support to develop his solo practice.”

As part of the residency Ashley will receive a bursary, a facilitated programme produced by Watershed, plus budget to support travel, relocation and production. This support will give him the opportunity to be fully immersed in development of a project idea, and become part of the inspirational network of practitioners associated with the Pervasive Media Studio.

Ashley says:

“I aim to create playful human experiences with code and electronics. The residency period is the perfect opportunity to give myself the reflective time and freedom to concentrate on a single idea, surround myself in a culture and workplace of artistic and creative output whilst challenging myself both technically and conceptually too.”

Ashley will be regularly sharing his progress via a fornightly blog  and you can follow him on  |

Studio Residences 2015 is a Watershed programme, made possible by Arts Council England