Rife Magazine - new online platform now launched

Posted on Tue 17 Jun 2014

We are delighted to announce that Rife Magazine, an online platform by young people for young people, has officially launched at covering, events, local news and social issues. A partnership between Watershed and Bristol Youth Links, Rife currently employs four young journalists to curate the online magazine and ensure the stories are relevant and interesting to other young people like them.

Through a mixture of blogs, vlogs, articles, videos, podcasts and social media activity, these four journalists - comedian Little Ryan, videographer Shin_LoveLife, YouTuber Jon Aitken and social commentator Adibah Iqbal – will cover what Bristol youth culture has to offer. Their job – go out into Bristol and find contributors, stories and angles and present them with authenticity, which they do in spades.

Rife Magazine already features stories from youth organisations and content that is important to young people in the city from feminism to whether we should vote or not, from unemployment and depression right through to 30-second film reviews and everyday annoyances.

Now it has officially launched, Rife is looking for more young contributors to bring the diversity of our brilliant city to life and debunk the tired myth that young people are lazy, apolitical, directionless and always on their phones.

Nikesh Shukla, award-wining author and Rife Magazine’s Online Editor, says:

'Rife magazine combats tired stereotypes of young people – our young journalists are motivated, enthusiastic and funny, and are producing content that continually challenges us, surprises us, and makes us laugh. We want to give more young people a platform to share their voice – get in touch with us!'

Adibah Iqbal, young journalist and social commentator, says:

'It’s great to have an online platform created and steered by young people for young people because it’s authentic, in our own voices. We finally have an opportunity to get our voices heard, and to be part of something new and exciting.’

Rife Magazine’s young journalists receive a salary and six months of mentoring from Watershed’s in-house engagement team and access to equipment and resources. Contributors will also get access to equipment, networking opportunities, a place to showcase their work online and editorial help from the team.

If you’re a young person who would like to get involved, submit your ideas online  and the team will get back to you. In the meantime, whether you’re young, old, or anything in between, check the website for a fresh take on Bristol.