Sci-Fi: to Bristol and Beyond!

Take a giant leap into the world of Sci -Fi with a series of out of this world screenings and events coming to Bristol and beyond.

Take a giant leap into the world of Sci-Fi with a series of out of this world screenings and events coming to Bristol and beyond.  Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder, the BFI’s biggest ever themed season of film and television, will, together with O2, present over 1,000 screenings across the UK including a packed programme of events in and around Bristol. 

Throughout October, Watershed presents a myriad of sci-fi themed seasons and events including: a major focus on Afrofuturism, as part of Black History Month, curated by Dr Edson Burton. Afrofuturism is a place where space, pyramids, funk and politics collide, it's one of the most imaginative ways of re-defining and re-imagining black identity in the past, present, and the future. The season bridges everything from spirituality to hip hop, art, fashion, comic books, science, and, of course, film; kicking off with a special focus on free jazz hero Sun Ra in celebration of his centenary. 

Watershed also explores the unforeseen consequences of science fiction technology in The Future is Now, a series of Late Night screenings in October. For films that have mutant insects (The Fly), killer aliens (Under The Skin), shady clones (Moon) and memory-zapped lovers (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) at their hearts, they all focus on what it is to be human. 

For one weekend only (4 - 5 Oct), Watershed transforms into 'The Mothershed', Bristol's very first (and absolutely free) Fun Palace. Step inside for UV ping pong, space snacks, out of this world games, robot portraiture, a flash fiction workshop a blind date with cinema and more!

Continuing the family theme during October half-term, after a screening of Spielberg's all time classic sci-fi ET The Extra-Terrestrial, kids get to take part in an out of this world puppet and animation workshop, and other intergalactic surprises, as part of the nationwide Family Arts Festival.  

Music is a planet-size part of almost all of the greatest science fiction movies ever made. Bristol's own audio visual pioneer DJ Cheeba (Solid Steel) and friends will be taking us on a journey through some of the most iconic sci-fi films out. Cheeba himself performs a one off live re-score to Ed Wood's infamous sci-fi classic Plan 9 From Outer Space, a film considered by many to be "the worst film of all time" on Fri 21 Nov. Brace yourself for a live DJ set from electro-acoustic heroes Bronnt Industries Kapital followed by James Cameron's classic Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Fri 14 Nov). 

Also in Bristol, Arnolfini presents a Neural Geometry weekend (13 - 14 Dec) including a movie marathon of B movie and arthouse classics exploring the psychic landscapes of science fiction and When there is only us, a new live performance by Circumstance. 

Meanwhile, over at At-Bristol's Planetarium, Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival invite you to experience a programme of live music and sci-fi shorts including Chris Marker's La Jetée, one of the most radical science fiction films ever made, under the Planetarium's twinkling stars. 

The Cube in Bristol takes a look at distinctly 70s future in October, decked out in dandyish threads, pop art labyrinths and, er, weird inflatable bubbles for two events dedicated to post-war sci-fi voices: The Year Of The Sex Olympics, a twisted take on the future and The Final Programme, an unclassifiable spy caper cum sci-fi mash up from 1973. Stay on board for Dark City, The Crow director Alex Proyas' visually dazzling cult favourite and a post-punk Sci-Fi double bill this November, kicking off with the classic crime-comedy-punk-musical, Repo Man.

Just before Halloween gets underway the 100-year-old haunted Curzon Cinema in Clevedon will screen ET on Fri 24 Oct; audiences will be encouraged to wear fancy dress and will round out the evening with a Haunted Tour and Disco competition.

As the lead organisation for the South West and West Midlands Film Hub Watershed has collaborated with partners across the region and UK wide to present Sci-Fi to all and is delighted to present an otherworldly evening of Sci-Fi immersion in the magnificent setting of the Eden Project on Sun 26 Oct. Expect the Sounds of Fear and Wonder with live music from Portishead’s Adrian Utley and Goldfrapp’s Will Gregory, plus a screening of ecologically prescient cult classic Silent Running (1972) introduced by Mark Kermode. 

Check out the full list of events across the region to whet your appetiete. Stay tuned for more!