Our toilets are for everyone

Toilets for Everyone

Posted on Mon 7 March

We are excited to launch a fundraising campaign that will help us on our journey to becoming one of the most inclusive, welcoming spaces in Bristol.

We all know our toilets in the upstairs foyer are long overdue a refurb. In 2020, we were just about to start building work on them… then the Pandemic hit and our plans were put on hold.

Now we're just bursting to get on with the job. We’ve raised some money towards our hopeful refurbishment this summer from Charitable Trusts and we are asking for your help to donate to our toilet fundraiser.

This summer’s refurbishment will include:

  • Floor to ceiling self-contained toilets (some with hand-washing facilities and mirrors)
  • Another accessible toilet
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Additional shared hand-washing facilities

We will continue to provide:

  • Male and female toilets, which are situated through the Café & Bar. These both have baby changing facilities
  • Two self-contained cubicles with hand washing facilities behind the cinemas
  • An accessible toilet in front of Cinema 1
  • Sanitary products in all toilets
  • And we will continue to welcome anyone who wishes to use any of the toilets in our public building

Our toilets are for everyone.

We strongly believe that inclusion and creating a space where everyone feels they belong at Watershed is core to our purpose - our toilets are one small part of that.

We understand that many people and communities prefer separate spaces for different reasons, which is why we are committed to providing choice throughout our building. Our aim is to provide a wide enough selection of different facilities so that any of our visitors can choose the toilets they are more comfortable with.

As part of our consultation process around the plans for the new toilets we commissioned a report from ‘Around the Toilet’, a cross disciplinary arts-based research project funded by AHRC, which explores the toilet as a place of exclusion and belonging. In response to looking at our proposed plans and our approach to the toilet refurbishment their feedback was very helpful and positive. We are also working closely with our strategic partners WECIL (West of England Centre for Inclusive Living) to ensure that our approach can meet the needs of many disabled people.

Please donate now to help us on our journey to become one of the most inclusive, welcoming spaces in Bristol.

Donate now

If you would like to talk to us about our toilets or the campaign, email us at communications@watershed.co.uk.

Architect's impression of new toilets

Architect's impression of new toilets

Architect's impression of new toilets