Paul Thomas Anderson on 35mm

Please note: this season finished in Feb 2018
Paul Thomas Anderson 35mm Retrospective
“This is the kind of thing you dream of as a filmmaker – the continued showing of your work in its native format in places that love and cherish films. Pinch me. No, don’t.”

– Paul Thomas Anderson.

To mark the release of his luxuriant gothic romance Phantom Thread (opening on Fri 2 Feb), throughout February we’ll be revisiting some of the landmark films in the career of one of America’s most ambitious and accomplished filmmakers - Paul Thomas Anderson.

With all titles presented in 35mm prints, join us for the visually stunning exploration of LA’s adult entertainment industry Boogie Nights (Sun 4 Feb); the delightfully odd and giddily off kilter romantic comedy Punch Drunk Love (Sat 10 Feb); the epic meditation on masculinity, mortality and morals that's at the heart of the extraordinary Magnolia (Sun 11 Feb); the operatic portrait of American greed and capitalism There Will Be Blood; and Anderson’s expert channelling of the writings of cult author Thomas Pynchon in the groovy, 70’s mystery Inherent Vice (Sun 25 Feb).

Previous screenings in this Season

Inherent Vice 15

Film Inherent Vice

Sun 25 Feb 12:00

Paul Thomas Anderson expertly channelled the writings of cult author Thomas Pynchon with this groovy, funny, mystery set in 1970 during the dying days of free love.

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There Will Be Blood 15

Film There Will Be Blood

Sun 18 Feb 12:00

Like a window on to human consciousness itself, Paul Thomas Anderson’s timeless historical drama set against the backdrop of the Southern California oil boom is a visually stunning and operatic portrait of American greed, capitalism and violence.

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Magnolia 18

Film Magnolia

Sun 11 Feb 12:00

Paul Thomas Anderson was just 28 when he wrote and directed this epic meditation on masculinity, mortality and morals. A sprawling portrait of a lonely city, it remains one of the most singular, moving and accomplished works of American cinema in the last 20 years.

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Punch Drunk Love 15

Film Punch Drunk Love

Sat 10 Feb 12:00

One of Paul Thomas Anderson's most notable achievements may just be this inspired decision to cast Adam Sandler in his delightfully odd, bracingly original and giddily off kilter foray into romantic comedy.

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Boogie Nights 18

Film Boogie Nights

Sun 4 Feb 12:00

Darkly comic, vastly entertaining and utterly original, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights spans the height of the 1970’s disco era offering a visually stunning exploration of LA’s adult entertainment industry, and established its director as one of the hottest new talents in American cinema.

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