The Sound of Suspense
Image: Sorcerer

The Sound of Suspense

Filmic 2018


Please note: this season finished in March 2018

As part of Filmic – our annual look at the creative connections across film and music – throughout March we’ll be immersing ourselves in some of cinema’s most suspenseful soundscapes.

Previous screenings in this season

Inception  12A   The Sound of Suspense

Sun 25 March 12:00
Christopher Nolan’s smart, moving and intellectual thriller about dream invasion set a new bar for cerebral blockbusters and with Hans Zimmer’s score a new sonic direction in what we think of as the sound of suspense.

Sorcerer  15   The Sound of Suspense

Sun 18 March 12:00
Sorcerer William Friedkin’s breathtakingly visceral thriller is a supremely tense study in psychological breakdown and contains a soundtrack by German electronic outfit Tangerine Dream that has the ability to ratchet-up the suspense with every turn of its synthesized screw.

Vertigo  PG   The Sound of Suspense

Sun 11 March 12:00
An immortal masterwork of music composition, composer Bernard Herrmann’s peerless score for Alfred Hitchcock’s timeless thriller set such a high watermark for cinematic suspense it’s left everything that’s followed feeling a dizzyingly long way down in comparison.

Don't Look Now  15   The Sound of Suspense

Don't Look Now
Sun 4 March 12:00
An exceptionally unsettling score by Italian composer Pino Donaggio underlies Nicholas Roeg’s haunting adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's supernaturally charged short story about a couple who relocate to Venice in an attempt to come to terms with the accidental death of their young daughter.