We helped artist Heidi Hinder share the love

Artist and jeweller Heidi Hinder joined Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio in 2013 on an artist residency – her project Money No Object allows people to experiment with five novel forms of payment like hugs, handshakes, and high fives.

Heidi Hinder, artist and jeweller, works as part of what she describes as the ‘gift economy’ of the Pervasive Media Studio, where talented people freely share their knowledge and insights to keep improving their groundbreaking projects.

She joined Watershed in 2013 on one of our Craft and Technology artist residencies, experimenting with new technologies to help give novel forms of payment an emotive, more human touch.

A jeweller by trade, Heidi often incorporates unexpected or hidden elements that elevate her creations from mere objects. Below Heidi explains in her own words how her project Money No Object evolved, and the impact working with Watershed had on her own practice:

"After applying to an open call for one of Watershed's artist residencies, I was lucky enough to be selected. The chance to collaborate in this dynamic space, supported for three months by a grant of £3,000, has completely altered the course of my professional practice, and opened the horizon of opportunity, where previously there were significant barriers to progress. While the funding was crucial in enabling me to create and produce a new concept, my relationship with Watershed and its enduring legacy of support for all its residents, has proved even more pivotal to sustaining my business long-term.

"My project, called Money No Object, has been piloted at the Victoria and Albert Museum, as an interactive wearable donations system, that raises funds for arts and cultural organisations through playful social gestures, like handshakes, high-fives, hugs or tap-dancing.

"I have been able to employ the talents of five other people, all who are also associated with the Pervasive Media Studio, and in this gift economy, I hope to continue to be in a position where I can ‘return the favour’ for all that Watershed has so generously provided."

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