Sherrie Eugene-Hart, Watershed Board Member

Sherrie Eugene-Hart

Watershed Board Member

Sherrie Eugene-Hart is an Award-Winning Broadcaster. She was the First Black Woman in the UK to qualify as a British Sign Language Interpreter and went on to become the News Anchor Woman at HTV West (itv).

Sherrie's involvement in TV has spanned over 30 years from reporting, presenting, and producing to devising and developing programmes for mainstream broadcast TV. Sherrie is Co-Director of E-Com Media specialising in Event Media, Diverse Programming - TV and Radio Production and Multiversity Training.  

Sherrie has become the latest recipient of the Sir Ambrose Fleming Award from the Royal Television Society (RTS) for Outstanding Television Achievement (March 2018) and has maintained the accolade for yet another year. Sherrie has received the top award from Race in the Media for her film Windrush (1998) and an itv NEWS Award for her Human-Interest Feature 'Proud to be me. The boy with no arms’. (2006)

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