Photo of Victoria Tillotson, Watershed Talent Development Lead

Victoria Tillotson

Talent Development Lead

Victoria is Watershed's Talent Development Lead which means she has a bit of a duel hat...

Based within the Pervasive Media Studio, she supports Watershed's phenomenal team of talent development producers, editors and content creators to make an actual difference in the world. From getting the voices of under 24s into the mainstream through Rife Magazine, to supporting a cohort of international Creative Producers working in every continent, to unpacking the realities of inclusion and finding ways to make real difference, this team are about making change in a manner that scratches out preconceptions and invites everyone to participate, experiment and make meaningful work.

Victoria also directly supports artists' development within the Pervasive Media Studio. As a Creative Producer, she leads on Watershed's annual Residency programmes, delivers creative labs, and supports individuals through professional and project mentoring. Victoria is generally passionate about getting thought-provoking ideas into the public realm and helping people crack on and be their best selves, in whatever form that takes.

And incase you're interested, she has a background in visual art and participatory projects, and is National Advisor to Arts Council Wales.


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