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Developing Virtual Reality

Introducing a new lab and programme

We are proud and excited to be one of the founder partners of a new VR Lab in Bristol, and will be working with our co-founders Opposable VR, UWE Bristol and University of Bristol to create a dynamic place for up to forty VR developers and designers to co-locate.

Members of the space will have access to the latest immersive technology from a range of partners, including VR & AR headsets, experimental controllers, green screen motion capture technology and a range of 360 filming devices.

We are also working wih a number of artists in the Pervasive Media Studio who are pioneering work in this area, and experiencing unprecedented demand from artists who would like to get involved.

So, Managing Producer Verity McIntosh has created a series of articles intrdoucing VR and offering practical and conceptual tips around this rapidly emerging world:

Virtually Useful: Step One - A brief history of VR

Virtually Useful: Step Two - What is VR/AR/MR/360?

Virtually Useful: Step Three - Design dimensions (what really works in VR)

Virtually Useful: Step Four - Tools for making in VR

Virtually Useful: Step Five - Sound

In June 2017 Watershed presented four VR experiences in a season called Virtual Reality Sessions. As a way of sharing our findings about presenting VR in a cinema context, we published Virtual Reality Sessions: Lessons learnt for the cultural cinema sector  and Virtual Reality Sessions at Watershed - Research, methods and implementation.  These case studies, by season curator Catherine Allen and Producer Vanessa Bellaar Spruijt, set out our approach, what we showed, and what we learnt from the process.