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Rife Talent Network

Rife develops young people’s digital skills, voice, confidence, experience and networks so they go into the creative sector and thrive.

Rife Magazine is an online magazine that supports young people to have their voices heard.

Rife helps develop young people’s digital skills, voice, confidence, experience and networks so they go into the creative sector and thrive. We want young people’s voices and creativity to be setting the agenda in the sector, driving it forward so it continues to innovate and inspire.

  • We’ve had 660,000 visitors to Rife magazine online in the last 5 years, viewing 1.13 million pages
  • We’ve paid and developed over 30 content creators who all now work in the creative industries, where they offer fresh ideas that are creating change
  • We’ve reached over 8,000 young people through workshops and events that have been created in partnership with schools and youth organisations and run by Rife peer mentors
  • In the last two years, we’ve hosted 43 work experience students from 19 different schools across Bristol at Rife’s HQ, Watershed

The Rife content creators are now a thriving creative community from all sorts of backgrounds who lean on each other’s complementary skills for support, advice and inspiration. At Rife, we keep in contact with them and offer them free post-role mentoring and skill reinforcement, making sure they’re as supported as possible as they get through their first tricky few years as independent creators.

The young people we work with want to work in the West of England's thriving creative and digital businesses but tell us they need experience, skills, networks and confidence in order to get that entry level job or set up as a freelancer.

They tell us existing employment programmes or education provide only part of what they need and rarely offer ways to meaningfully connect with the creative and digital sector.

Having a good looking CV and nailing your interview technique are important to succeed in modern workplaces but it is not enough. Rife supports young people to thrive in these industries by providing paid entry-level employment, freelancing opportunities, desk space, events, skills development and projects that enable young people to:

- Develop a portfolio of published creative work

- Develop of personal voice and/ or brand

- Build a social media presence and audience

- Network with creative peers who they can collaborate with

- Network with professionals within the creative and digital sector

- Operate as a creative freelancer (from self assessment to pitching for work)

- Develop office skills - (managing email/ taking part in meetings/ planning tools/ workflow)

- Master techniques to manage stress and anxiety

- Build resilience and confidence

Rife makes real difference. Emerging filmmaker and former Rife Content Creator Yero Timi-Biu says:

“Being part of Rife boosted my confidence socially and professionally. I felt valid, and began to understand that what I had to say was important. And only a few years later – I’m writing films and TV shows!”

Want to find out more or get involved? Head over to www.rifemagazine.co.uk

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