Lunchtime Talk
Fri 5 Jul 2019 14:00

Women Reclaiming AI

Artist-technologists Coral Manton & B Aga talk about how they have developed their latest project, Women Reclaiming AI (WRAI) with a design activism approach & a thought to reclaiming emerging technologies for protest.


Coral Manton & B Aga

The work of artist-technologist duo B Aga and Coral Manton manifests as collaborative workshops, events and installations aimed at (re)claiming conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems as a medium for protest. It critiques the commercial pursuit of humanising AI technologies and challenges the bias, stereotyping and pervasive influence embedded within. By activating the public, Aga and Manton re-write and re-imagine the cultural myths of AI and robotics, creating alternative technology-mediated futures. Their most recent work is Women Reclaiming Ai (2019), an expanding activist art-work, presented as a feminist AI voice assistant, programmed through workshops by a growing community of self-identifying women, and The Infinite Guide (2018), a speculative art work and research project, powered by a conversational AI, (LSTM Recurrent Neural Net), trained on a biased and non-diverse data-set.

Join us for this lunchtime talk as Studio Resident's B Aga and Coral Manton, discuss their latest project, Woman Reclaiming AI (WRAI) and how it is becoming an expanding activist art-work, presented as a feminist AI voice assistant, programmed through participatory workshops by a growing community of self-identifying women. Through creating a platform for collective writing and editing, the project co-creates an AI that challenges gender roles.

WRAI is a response to the pervasive depiction of AI voice assistants gendered as women, subordinate and serving. Designed by development teams which lack diversity these systems are embedded with unrepresentative world-views and stereotyping which reinforce traditional gender roles.

This Lunchtime Talk is part of Open Studio Friday, which takes place at the Studio every week.

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