Lunchtime Talk
Fri 14 Feb 13:00

Low-resolution versions of people using machine learning and other technologies

For this lunchtime talk we are delighted to be joined by Libby Miller a Producer at BBC R&D. Libby will be discussing her latest project the Libbybot and the techniques and tools she uses to develop her work.

Photo by David Man

Photo by David Man


Libby Miller

Libby is a producer at BBC R&D, working on new shared and communal experiences. She spends the rest of her time making things with Raspberry Pis and Arduinos, sometimes at Bristol Hackspace.

Libby has spent a couple of years trying to replicate herself, and more recently her friends. It's getting easier and easier to make something you can interact with that reminds you of a particular person - though how wise it is it another matter.

She'll be walking us through some of the techniques she's used to make "people", including GPT-2, voice generation and physical presence robots, and some of the hilarities and pitfalls.

This Lunchtime Talk is part of Open Studio Friday, which takes place at the Studio every week.

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Fri 26 Jun 13:00-14:00

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