Fri 26 Jun 13:00-14:00

Lunchtime Talks Now Online

While Watershed and the Pervasive Media Studio are temporarily closed, we’ve opened the digital doors of the Studio & lunchtime talks are happening every Friday at 1pm on YouTube. You can also watch previous talks.

c/o Martin O'Leary

c/o Martin O'Leary

Every Friday lunchtime we will be hosting our regular lunchtime talks on Watershed's YouTube channel at 1pm. 

And if you missed one, don't worry you can still watch here:

Gill Wildman: Being a Trickster in the Studio - In this talk Gill will share some early thinking on what is really behind how she works, and why she can’t help but mess around. But don’t get her wrong, she’s doing it for the best of reasons - to move past all the kinds of things that block us in projects.

Malcom Hamilton: Play, Disrupted? - Malcolm from Play:Disrupt discussed how we can promote playful, collaborative public engagement in a time when we can't (really) connect. For the past six months, studio residents Mufti Games have been developing a new company - Play:Disrupt, to help organisations break down barriers to participation, engage with their audiences in different ways, foster new perspectives through play and make things more democratic and overcome bias in public engagement, consultation and research projects.

Martin O'Leary: A People's History of Video Calls - In this talk, Watershed’s Creative Technologist, Martin O’Leary, walks us through the hundred-year history of video calling. He talks about the failed attempts, the weird experiments, and the artists who tried to turn video calls into something more interesting than a two-hour Zoom networking session.

Edson Burton: Infusing Afrofuturism & Landing the Last Blues Song - Pervasive Media Studio Resident Dr Edson Burton is a writer, historian, programme-curator and performer based in Bristol. Edson discusses his project the last blues song first imagined in 2013 when he became a Watershed Artist in Residence. The Last Blues Song of a Lost Afronaut is an immersive theatre piece exploring decolonised identities, mythologies, cultural syncretism, ghosts exodus and environmental collapse.

Pravanya Pillay: An Old Quilt Where Every Patch Tells A Story - For this lunchtime talk, Studio Resident Pravanya Pillay asks the question what do the textiles in your house tell you? Pillay discusses the work she recently been doing as Programme Directer of Bristol's Stomping Ground.

Marie Foulston: Curating Playfully Online - From Photography Workshops for Spacemen to Parties in Spreadsheets - Curator & Creative Producer of playful exhibitions & experiences Marie Foulston discusses her recent stint as Guest Director of Now Play This & how we can curate virtually.

Lily Green: I heard it Through the Grapevine - Got a way with words? How might you bring your unique wordsmithery to the world if you tell stories in local languages, or write songs with your family history, or your marginal experience isn’t “on trend”? Print publishing can seem exclusive and expensive. Self-publishing online can seem like a black hole of content. What if there was an inclusive infrastructure that could host quality writing, storytelling, comedy, poetry, music and more both digitally and physically?

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Upcoming Events

c/o Control Shift
Lunchtime Talk

Control Shift - Rethinking our Relationships with Technology

Fri 5 Jun 13:00-14:00

In this special lunchtime talk we welcome “Control Shift” & will be introducing you to some of the Artists and Curators. Control Shift is an arts programme exploring how we might reconsider the way we connect with tech.

c/o David Lisser
Lunchtime Talk

Carnecopia; hope, greed and cultured meat

Fri 12 Jun 13:00-14:00

David Lisser is an artist whose recent works imagine the future of cultured meat and the role of technology in food. Here he will discuss the potential, the problems, and the utter weirdness of this fledgling industry.

Past Events

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