Lunchtime Talk
Fri 26 Jun 2020 13:00-14:00 at YouTube Live

Wicked Problems Clumsy Solutions

We live in a complex world, but only some problems are Wicked Problems. Hard to define and with no clear solution, they challenge the very institutions we turn to in a crisis. supersum takes a different approach.

Credit Timothy J Senior

Credit Timothy J Senior


Dr Timothy J. Senior

Timothy J. Senior

Tim is research lead for supersum – a Wicked Problems agency he founded with Tom Rowlands in 2019.

This Lunchtime Talk will be broadcast live on Watershed's YouTube channel

In this talk, Dr. Timothy J. Senior will introduce the Wicked Problems agency supersum, an experiment in wickedness, clumsiness, and messiness. Through supersum’s projects on rural innovation, dementia care, and community resilience to COVID-19, this talk will explore the real-world implications of running a Wicked Problems agency.

It’s easy to say we live in a complex world. Many problems are, in fact, just merely complicated. Enough time, effort, money, and the application of best practice will probably do the job. Some problems – particularly societal problems – are very different in nature. They are hard to define, have no definitive solution, and no stopping rule. These are Wicked Problems.

What do Wicked Problems demand? They demand Clumsy Solutions, defined as those creatively combining the four building blocks of social life – individualism, hierarchy, egalitarianism and fatalism – to respond in an effective and legitimate way. And what do Clumsy Solutions require? They require Messy Institutions able to cut across conventional disciplines, mindsets, and organisational structures.

Join us on Fri 26th June, 13:00-14:00 for the talk and to take part in the discussion afterwards.

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