Join us for an evening of experimental art and conversation exploring the theme of Other Minds, with our 2024 Winter Artists in Residence, Dave Evans and Elinor Lower.

Our annual Winter Residencies programme is an opportunity for artists to research and develop their ideas at the Pervasive Media Studio, our creative technologies research space.

This year we supported Dave Evans and Elinor Lower to explore intelligences that are different to human intelligence: animals, machines, or something stranger. We are delighted to share the work and ideas they have developed.

Liverpool based artist Dave Evans will share Investigating a Domestic Vocal System. This new artwork builds on Dave’s practice around sonification - a technique in which non-verbal sound is used to communicate data - and livestreaming, to explore how spaces can be given 'voice'. Dave has been livestreaming the sounds of mundane domestic tasks over the internet since 2022 as part of Peripheries. This project has raised questions around audibility, who or what is allowed to make noise, and how livestreaming potentially offers an opportunity to disrupt these conventions.

Elinor Lower is a Bristol based writer, theatre-maker and participatory artist interested in how we are hyper-individualised as workers, citizens and humans. Join us to hear about we meet in the woods, a place-based multiplayer theatrical game exploring forest intelligence and the ways in which tactile technology such as vibration or sensors embedded in the landscape, can remind us of the parts of ourselves we have forgotten.

The event will feature a conversation introducing the artists and their ideas, a Q&A plus a chance to experience excerpts of work in progress. You can attend in person or online. At a time where conversations about the impacts of intelligence (artificial and otherwise) are ever more present, this event offers a unique perspective within this debate.


The Winter Residencies 2024 programme is made possible with support from Arts Council England and MyWorld.